Specialist Welding Repairs

Welding is one of the longest established methods for joining metals. Done correctly, using appropriate techniques and materials, professional welding enables all manner of cost-effective plant and equipment repairs and modifications. There’s lots at stake with every weld – including your professional reputation. That’s why it pays to choose the most highly skilled and experienced welding partner for your repairs or fabrication…

Specialist Welding Repairs

Metalock in action

Our specialist welding services helped one manufacturer when multiple cracks were found in the 350mm-thick walls of a massive steel extrusion-press cylinder. As ever, time was money as the plant stood idle – before our convenient on-site preheating and welding service, complemented by mobile annealing equipment, got the vital machine back in action. Best of all, we did this without the delay and expense of complete plant removal followed by workshop repair or replacement.

Cost-effective Plant and Equipment repairs

Metalock UK specialises in repairing metal machine parts using (on-site or workshop-based) the highest quality welding. Experience shows manual arc welding to be the most often used method – supplemented, where necessary, by heat treatment. Where arc welding isn’t appropriate, our other welding (and welding-related) services, include these:

  • MIG (metal inert gas) welding
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding
  • WIG (wolfram inert gas) welding
  • MAG (metal active gas) welding
  • Submerged arc welding
  • Fusion welding
  • Gas welding
  • E-hand welding
  • Thermal spraying
  • Flame cutting (Oxyacetylene and Plasma)

Heat treatments

As you expect from your one-stop engineering services partner, we also perform a wide range of heat treatments. We can do this in stationary furnaces or on site at your location using our mobile annealing equipment. Just tell us what needs to be welded and where. As with all our engineering services, we’re on call around the world and around the clock.

Fully documented and certified

Nearly 70 years’ experience in welding is complemented by full certification for the techniques that we use. For your peace of mind, not only can you be sure that we have the required techniques in-house, but that our welding experts have the documentation to prove their capabilities.

The benefits

From simple fabrication to major plant repairs, when you entrust welding to our team, you can count on all the benefits associated with the Metalock brand:

  • Time and money saving.
  • Complete peace of mind with our coded welders.
  • A proven solution-focused approach around the clock.
  • Global responsiveness.
  • Build and protect your reputation.
  • One convenient source for welding and other engineering services.
  • Decades of expertise – when we weld, you know you can trust us.
How will our specialist welding services save you time and money and help protect your reputation?

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